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He lives the poetry that he cannot write.

The others write the poetry that they dare not realise.

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This is the currect home of the writing of withoutpaper, formerly housed at puppy_wuver. I pretty much created this community because I'm too lazy to have two livejournals at the same time. ^^

I pretty much write fanfiction because my writing notebook is easier to hide under my desk than Tolstoy during Life Choices, the crappiest class on the face of the earth. Unfortunately, I forget to bring it to school half the time. Then I have to pay attention. O_O

I am...

ChokeOnAPretzel on Television Without Pity
(a cookie for whoever can tell me which Lewis Black sketch it's from)

SpreadTheWord on fanfiction.net and House's House of Whining
(as in the Yoko Ono quote. "Spread the word. Spread peace." Oh, hush. John Lennon loved her and so do I.)

EdenHarper on deviantart.com
(as in, it seemed like a good idea at the time)

Feel free to add me if you're feeling fabulous or send me an e-mail to discuss whatever. I have way too much free time, so I'm pretty quick to respond.

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